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Support Services

Children and Youth

We work with ages 3 through 22. In partnership with families, REACH develops individualized plans based on unique needs. Services include one-on-one and group programs. We offer after-school activities and a summer camp.

For information on services for children ages 0-3, please visit our Infant Learning Program website at


We assist people living in a variety of settings including their home, family home or a REACH community home. We develop a personalized plan to promote independence and help people participate within their family, relationships, workplace and community.​

Independent Living

A person may be independent in some areas of life but need help in others. For people living on their own, our independent support team provides services like budgeting, cooking, recreation, transportation and household maintenance.

Group Home & Assisted Living Program

The REACH group home and assisted living program has two options – in a family/individual home or REACH-owned home. REACH owns five group homes. These homes have round-the-clock staff. People share meals, activities and common spaces in a family-like environment. The environment fosters friendships, respect, growth and independence.


Click here for more details on Reach for Housing, Inc. 

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